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Welcome to Marbella Helicopters

If you are enjoying all that Marbella has to offer, then why not join the elite who have discovered the business and leisure benefits of helicopter flight.

Where better in the world to enjoy your training, use or ownership of a helicopter, than the fantastic flying weather of southern Spain.

'Such an incredibly versatile form of modern transport enables an endless array of trips to be enjoyed.'

Helicopters, highly regarded by discerning clients, are fast becoming an integral part of their life, as they offer a prestigious and efficient means of safe and private travel.

They also offer excitement and a wonderful challenge to those who wish to learn to fly them. Such an incredibly versatile form of modern transport enables an endless array of trips to be enjoyed.

Why not 'lift' for lunch at your favorite Posada, 'drop' into friends for tea, 'pop' to Portugal for heli golf, perhaps visit Majorca or 'hop' up to Sierra Nevada for a days ski-ing. Not forgetting to impress business clients when the need arises.

You may have considered helicopter use or ownership, but are unsure where to start. Ownership and maintenance of a helicopter and its documentation is complex. However, as experts, our aircraft management and maintenance service is designed to completely relieve this burden. We can advise which helicopter best suits a clients needs and where necessary supply a professional pilot. Leaving you, the owner, to simply enjoy the benefits and immense fun of these wonderful machines.

For those who desire to become helicopter pilots themselves, we have professional instructors available who can guide you through the entire process, in order to gain your very own helicopter license. Courses can be individually tailored to suit a client’s schedule.

A trial helicopter lesson is a good introduction to the controls of a helicopter. These are often bought as a surprise gift and offer a truly wonderful experience.

Helicopter Training Marbella